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HAW.Company provides a tremendous variety of website services. We offer the best website services both for small businesses and big corporations. We can help you install, design, and fill your site with the right content!

Services We offer

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting with a 30-Day Free Trial Data protection has been a chief factor in building our cloud hosting platform. This is why we have deployed the ZFS storage system for your site content. Furthermore, you’ll be shielded against all types of hacker assaults thanks to the award–winning ModSecurity firewall app, which is activated automatically with all our shared hosting packages. With the charge–free web accelerator tools incorporated into the hosting Control Panel, you’ll be able to enhance the loading speed of your data–loaded sites tremendously. What's more, we will help you transfer your web sites to our hosting platform for free.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is one of the hosting services you can choose for your website. It represents a mixture between shared and dedicated hosting. Standing for Virtual Private Server, VPS is a virtual hosting solution, which unpacks the benefits of a dedicated server in a shared hosting environment. By means of virtualization, the VPS hosting service ensures a much better utilization of the main server’s power as compared to shared hosting accounts and provides full insulation from the other users on the physical machine (like dedicated servers do). Seen in this light, VPS hosting represents a mix between shared and dedicated hosting, offering maximum resource usage and hosting independence at a very affordable price.

Dedicated Servers

Linux Dedicated Hosting Services Equipped with ultra–powerful & reliable hardware and available at really tempting prices, HAW Company’s dedicated servers will answer your ever–expanding website hosting demands. You can choose an OS of your preference at signup. A professional client service team will be available to you. Free dedicated IP address, free reseller web hosting tools and a 99.9% uptime guarantee are offered by default.

Domain Registration

At HAW.company, we don’t just offer domains. We provide you with excellent domain management services. Plus, we offer you an affordable domain together with all of our cloud hosting plans.

Business Design

We have a proficient team of designers to make professional Business Stationery Design with logo and creative brochure designs. It will help you emerge as the best brand among your competitors.

Social Media Marketing

We provide and manage top-performing social media campaigns for business. HAW.Company is a leading Social Media Agency having expertise in planning social media mktg strategy with best SMM plans & pricing.

Web Design

Web design is a significant part of web development. A good website design can do wonders for your marketing and sales campaign. On the other hand, your website is the representative of your brand.

Web Development

Our Web Development services are customized according to the specific requirements of the client. In fact, Web Development helps you establish your identity in the market.

Mobile App Development

HAW Company is a renowned Mobile App development company that works on the Android, iOS, and Windows platforms, websites, eCommerce stores, and internet of things (IoT) applications – especially for use with mobile devices.

Digital  Marketing

HAW.Company provides you the best Internet Marketing Services. The Digital Marketing Agency is now up with an online marketing consultant to fulfill your needs.

Search Engine Marketing

Make your brand visible with sem. Get Search Engine Marketing from a Certified Digital Marketer navicosoft & occupy your digital space!

Search Engine optimization

Our Search Engine optimization is based on ethical guidelines. Get SEO services from HAW.Company, an seo company trusted by the majority.